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Google Penalty Recovery Services

  • Have you been noticing a drastic loss in your organic traffic?
  • Can’t find your site on search results?
If your answer is Yes, you have most likely been hit with Google Penalty. But no worries! Our penalty recovery experts are here to help.
Panda Recovery Service Penguin Recovery Service

How to Identify You Have Been Hit with Google Penalty or Not?

With everchanging Google Ranking algorithm, millions of sites have seen slipping and rising their rankings of SERP’s. Google’s Panda and Penguin were the biggest updates of them all, and it caused many mighty sites lose their traffic so far.
Identifying the Google Penalty and act on it as soon as possible may help you a lot in future and it might take less time to recover. Here are some key points that can help you identify whether you have been hit with a penalty or not:

  • You have received manual actions warning message in Google Webmasters Tools.
  • A sudden drop in organic search traffic.
  • Couldn’t find your site in Google Search results, even with – “site:”.
  • Decrease in traffic for your main keywords or brand terms.

Penalty Recovery Services We Offer

Panda Penalty Recovery Services

Google Panda mainly hits websites with spam and thin content. Spam content usually refers to the content which is highly promotional and creates no value for its users. The website which contains poor quality, duplicate content with shitload of ads has chance of most likely to be hit by Google Panda Penalty and leaves them in no choice but to consult a SEO expert.

Penguin Penalty Recovery Services

Google penguin updates is all about over optimization. Many people try to fool search engines by over optimizing their pages so, Google decided to penalize those in this update. Penguin penalty mainly cause due to over-optimizing link anchor text, buying paid links, spam links from too many sources, manipulative on-page optimization (hidden keywords, redirection, keyword stuffing).

Why Choose Us for Google Penalty Removal

Best Google Penalty Recovery Company

Evil Tech is an industry leading SEO and Penalty Recovery Company. We have helped hundreds of online business recover from Penalties.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At Evil Tech, we believe in customer satisfaction, we work hard towards building a strong relationship with our customers. We not only help our customers with penalty but also suggest them how to protect from it in the future.


Being a leading SEO company, we invest a lot of manpower in researching and developing most effective strategies for SEO solutions. Our experts are seasoned in this competitive industry with years of experience in working with different kinds projects and websites.


At Evil Tech, we believe the Internet should a place for everyone, no one should be left out humanities greatest invention and we work hard towards that every second. Google Penalty has already cost you most of your customer, recovery shouldn’t cost you fortune. That’s why our packages are most affordable than any you can find in the industry.


A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project and will ensure you get reply to query as soon as possible.